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Key Worker Properties To Buy

We are delighted to be working with our partners in government, Homes England and Bolsover District Council, to launch the First Homes scheme which is specifically designed to support first time buyers and keyworkers and help them take their first steps on the property ladder.

key worker properties to buy

Key workers have kept the country running during the pandemic and we are committed to doing what we can to help them, and other local first-time buyers across England, to realise their dreams of owning their own homes.

Councils will also be able to prioritise the homes for key workers such as nurses and teachers who have been looking to get on the housing ladder while supporting their community throughout the pandemic.

We provide affordable housing options for London key workers who do not qualify for social housing and are not currently in a position to enter into homeownership. These homes are former Crown Estate properties so we call them our Regency Portfolio.

Keyworkers are public sector employees who provide a vital frontline service in areas of health, education and community safety. To be eligible for the scheme, you need to work for one of the organisations listed here.

From doctors and nurses to teachers, firefighters and the police, key workers keep our country going. But while key workers provide vital frontline services, lower salaries often mean they find it harder to get a mortgage than those people who sit behind a desk all day.

Like many first-time buyers, the main challenge for key workers is usually affordability. This means proving you have sufficient income to meet your regular monthly repayments, and having enough cash to put down as deposit.

Some house builders may also offer discounts on new-build properties for key workers, for example 500 for every 25,000 of the purchase price. Find out what discounts may be available before you talk to a mortgage broker or apply for a loan. Discounts may also be used in combination with a Help to Buy loan.

To qualify for the scheme, buyers must be purchasing their first home and have a household income below 80,000 (90,000 in London), and be using a mortgage to fund at least 50% of the purchase. However, as the scheme is intended to help local buyers and to ensure key workers can find affordable housing in the area, local authorities can set their own eligibility criteria too, prioritising key workers in essential services, for example.

This equity loan scheme, aimed at first time buyers, helps buyers purchase properties with a deposit as low as 5% by offering them a Government loan to pay the rest of what would have been the deposit. The Government loan itself is interest- and payment-free for 5 years. Only eligible for new homes. Click for more information about the Equity Loan Scheme.

Shared ownership scheme is available for new and second hand properties and these properties are usually (although not always) sold with a leasehold of 99 years. Click for more information about the Shared Ownership mortgage advice

When you contact our mortgage broker we will have access to all of the government schemes, whether it is for a new build local authorities key worker scheme or a standard house purchase as a first time buyer, we will be able to provide the best mortgage advice to get you your own home and take you through the application process.

Not all of these schemes are specifically key worker mortgage schemes but key workers can still take advantage of these and they might work out better than just looking on the open market OR continuing to pay rent.

The First Homes programme aims to provide a solution to this problem, providing a 30% discount on new homes for key workers including nurses, teachers and police officers as well as local first time buyers.

The Key Worker Living Programme was disbanded in 2019 but the good news is that depending on your preferences and own circumstances, there may be several other schemes available that could help you get a mortgage as a keyworker.

In fact, some mortgage lenders offer exclusive rates or schemes for key workers and working with a mortgage broker can help you to find them. Ask one of our experts about your eligibility for a mortgage as a key worker.

Oxford City Council does not offer housing specifically for key workers (such as teachers, nurses or some other public sector workers), but they may qualify for help to buy or rent a home. Please see our Help to Buy scheme page for more information.

We successfully launched our first London Living Rent properties in White City earlier this year in the White City Living Development. Homes in the development were also available through the Shared Ownership and Intermediate Rent low-cost housing schemes.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is recognising the service and sacrifice made by key workers during the pandemic by backing them to be first in the queue for thousands of new genuinely affordable homes being built across London.

Local authorities and housing providers will now be encouraged to build the new London-wide list into their allocation policies for intermediate housing. It is intended that this new approach will prevent Londoners in key worker roles from having to move away from their workplaces and communities due to the sometimes prohibitive cost of housing in the capital.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said: Never has London been more indebted to the dedicated and selfless service of our key workers. They keep us safe, care for us, and provide the essential services without which our capital would grind to a halt.

The GLA does not have a direct role in allocating intermediate homes in London. Through the London Plan, the GLA sets strategic planning policy for the city. Borough plans need to be in general conformity with the London Plan, including on issues of how planning policy secures access to affordable housing of different tenures. The key worker occupation list is intended as a tool for local authorities and housing providers to integrate into their policies and procedures for allocating intermediate homes in London. The prioritisation of key workers can serve to aid the overall goal of maximising the social impact of affordable housing, addressing an element of local housing need.

Various accommodation schemes available to workers in Oxfordshire are outlined in Oxfordshire County Council's online accommodation guide called Finding a home in Oxfordshire: A guide for workers in the county.

If you need to move to Cherwell district in order to take up or continue with employment as a key worker in Oxfordshire you may be eligible for an allocation of social housing through our housing register.

Securing housing through our housing register will take time and some people may not qualify based on their total household income, immigration status or previous tenancy issues such as anti-social behaviour or large rent arrears. If your key worker role is in Oxfordshire but is not within Cherwell, you must have another local connection to Cherwell district. Our Allocation Scheme gives full details about who will qualify to join.

A2Dominion is a social housing provider that offers some housing specifically for key workers, including shared housing. Rents are typically lower than the price you would pay on the open market through a letting agent.

Visit the A2Dominion website for more information and to view advertised properties. There are other key worker specific housing schemes available in the county that are outlined in Oxfordshire County Council's accommodation guide.

We operate a Key Worker Bond Scheme to help key workers with the cost of paying the deposit for private rented accommodation. Our housing options pages also have more information about finding private rented accommodation in the district.

The properties at Eddington do not automatically come with car parking spaces. This is because Eddington has been designed as a low-car community with a target of less than 40% of journeys needing to take place by single occupancy car. A range of initiatives to support sustainable travel are available with assistance from our Travel team to help you plan your journeys.

On the Lodge application system, we do not currently have a section where you can select a room in the four bedroom shared apartments. If you are interested please email Lodge Property Services and also join our University worker sharers Facebook page.

The study from AHURI found that across Greater Sydney and its adjacent localities only two local government areas had a median house price that was affordable to key workers on moderate incomes, and both these suburbs are over 150 kilometres from Sydney CBD.

The report found that the number of key workers living in inner city regions fell between 2011 and 2016, while outer suburbs and Wollongong, Newcastle and Geelong gained key worker residents, suggesting key workers are moving away from expensive inner-city areas to less expensive outer suburban areas and satellite cities.

In fact, the research found that key workers in Sydney and Melbourne are more likely than the labour force generally to live in outer suburbs and satellite cities and to commute 30kms or more to work, typically by private car.

Around 31,000 key workers in Sydney and over 18,000 key workers in Melbourne live in crowded homes, with the greatest concentration in inner ring areas. In addition, over 52,000 key workers in Sydney and over 37,000 in Melbourne are living in households that are in housing stress.

Affordable Housing generally offers a discount to market rent for people who meet income eligibility requirements. It is provided for workers on low to moderate incomes who may find it difficult to access the private rental market.

Expanding on the original facility, Lighthouse will provide $61M in funding to SGCH Keys, a registered charity and subsidiary of SGCH Group. The funds will be used in the acquisition of 76 apartments in Parramatta to be rented to essential workers. 041b061a72


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