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Basket Arcade !!INSTALL!!

Want to relive the fun of sinking shot after shot in indoor basketball hoop games when you were a kid? Or maybe you're opening an arcade, barcade, or bowling alley, and you know it won't be complete without a great basketball machine in the mix. M&P Amusement has you covered with our selection of fully restored, used basketball arcade games. Some machines even include a linking feature for head-to-head matches.

Basket Arcade

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Restored machines' game settings can be adjusted for either commercial or home use, and all come with a 90-day warranty and lifetime phone support. As a leader in arcade game restoration, we ensure that all of our restored basketball games play like new.

Whether you are looking to add a little something special from your youth to your home rec room, bringing a fun morale booster to the office or trying to set up that classic arcade, M&P Amusement is at your service. We take credit cards and are happy to discuss financing options for purchasing arcade games.

You don't have to take our word for how great these basketball machines are. Before buying, come to our showroom in York, PA, and relive some of your favorite childhood memories for yourself. If you're not in the immediate area, we should still be able to ship your machine to you anywhere in the U.S. We deliver to all 50 states.

In this new mid-sized version of the ever-durable street game Collegiate Hoops boasts the latest technology such as new LED lighting, slam dunk sound effects, moving hoop, and more. See how many points you can rack up against the ticking clock! With deluxe custom marquee options available, choose from college teams to decorate your Collegiate Hoops. Perfect for any arcade, game room or family entertainment center!

The Wik basketball arcade machine is a classic game that's perfect for any home or business. This high-quality machine features a durable metal frame and a clear backboard that makes it easy to see the action. The machine also includes a built-in electronic scoring system, adjustable hoop height, and a coin mechanism for easy operation. With its realistic basketball feel and challenging gameplay, the Wik basketball arcade machine is sure to be a hit with players of all ages. Whether you're looking for a fun addition to your game room, or a way to attract customers to your business, the Wik basketball arcade machine is an excellent choice.

This Basketball arcade game by WIK suits perfect for gambling halls. The steady corups is amde from emtal and polycarbonate. Together with the high weight of 180kg the machine withstands even strong stresses. Depending of the level the basket starts to move laterally. Made shots give more points if the basket moves. The points can be seen on the LED-screen. It also shows the play-time, highscore and credits. Furthermore the WIK Basketball is equipped with a coin-op. Colorful LED-lights as well as sound-effects make the gameplay more interesting. 5 balls are included.

The core function of the system is sensing the ball going through the basket, so we need a proximity sensor well suited for small distances. A good pick for this job is the GP2Y0A60SZLF analog distance sensor, which has low power consumption and has been used with other GreenPAK app notes. We are also going to need a display. Knowing that the intended use is for entertainment, and having a budget in mind, we selected two 7-segment displays of 6.5 inches in size. These parts are a couple of YSD-1100AR7B-15 units from SparkFun electronics. The YSD-1100AR7B-15 parts need a minimum voltage of 12 V to work, so driving them directly with a GreenPAK is not a good idea. Instead, we are going to drive the displays using two CD4026 ICs, which are used for driving 7-segment LED displays with voltages up to 18 V. We are also going to need a buzzer to emit the sounds of the game. Luckily, a simple 5 V buzzer is sufficient for this application, as most of them have decent volume. Finally, to help the TTL signals from the GreenPAK drive the CMOS inputs of the CD4026 ICs, we need to drive the 12 V supply of the ICs. An excellent way to shift the voltage levels is using a MOSFET and a Pull UP resistor like in the Schematic 1. (A PDF of it is included).

So far, the budget for the electronic parts of the system is $47.50 USD (plus shipping expenses). Theoverall budget will change depending on the materials of construction (wood, steel, glass fiber, etc.), but in general terms the electronic parts are going to cost pretty much the same (unless we mass produce which would certainly reduce the manufacturing price per unit). To get a clearer picture, a device with similar characteristics but featuring 2 players can be found at a price of $360.00 USD plus shipping. Implementing a second player on our system would cost an additional $47.50 USD. Adding on $50.00 USD for the structure of the arcade machine would give us a price tag of $145.00 USD plus shipping. Again, this manufacturing price will go down depending on the production scale. This concludes the main objective of this app note. But if the intended use of this machine is as a forprofit arcade machine, the following designs may help with that implementation. Please note that all these solutions rely on more hardware and an additional GreenPAK.

Using a Dialog GreenPAK SLG46537, we were able to successfully implement a homemade Basketball Arcade Machine which counts baskets and displays the score on 7-segment LEDs. It can also dispense tickets to the user. Thanks to GreenPAK and its GreenPAK Designer Software, this project was easy and affordable to implement.

Step back in time with the Retro Basketball Game, a nostalgic blast from the past. This table-top arcade game brings the excitement of the arcade to your home, complete with mini basketballs, a timer, and sound effects. Show off your skills and see if you can beat your personal best score in just one minute. With a press of a button, you can launch the basketballs and watch as they soar towards the hoop. Score counting, sound and light effects, music and voice, this game will bring you hours of fun. Relive the glory days of arcade basketball with the Retro Basketball Game.

Product Description: Show off your skills in this latest basketball arcade machine by ICE.RACE THE CLOCK.Serving as a replacement for Hoop Fever, Hoops FX upgrades the arcade basketball experience with new technology and a brand new cabinet. Test your shooting skills by scoring as many points as possible before the time runs out!THE COMPETITION IS HEATING UP!Arcade basketball is back and better than ever! Take on your friends in a basketball shootout with Hoops FX moving hoops, different shooting rounds, and a new sound package creating the ideal court experience.MULTIPLE PLAYER OPTIONS.Deluxe marquee options are also available. Link multiple Hoops FX units together for multiplayer competitions!

Arcade Hoops Basketball is a simple beast. Odds are you've played it's real-life counterpart before, too. No, not basketball. Have you been to a fair? Theme park? Arcade? Large movie theater? It's the one where you have to chuck a ball through the hoop as many times as possible before time runs out and you may or may not win a cheap prize.

Being a simple beast, it doesn't strive to do a whole lot. Touch and hold a ball, flick the touchscreen, put the ball through the hoop, get a top score, high five yourself. Easy peasy. There are three "modes" to choose from, which boil down to the basket being close, three-point distance and alternate-between-the-two-halfway. Your strategy never really changes, just flick slightly faster to shoot further.

The graphics and sound are simple, with essentially one frame of hand-animation when you shoot, a backboard that looks like a backboard and basketballs that are round and sort of rotate when you let go of them. Even the game's title is effortless, albeit redundant and somewhat nonsensical (can't wait for the sequel, Outdoor Goal Soccer).

Arcade Hoops Basketball is not a terrible time-waster, but it never tries to be anything more than a very simple diversion. Only the most diehard basketball fans will care enough to keep firing it up after the first few times around.

The 3-in-1 Arcade Sport Center is sure to keep the family entertained for hours on end. The fun is non-stop with 3 games to choose from! Arcade Basketball, Football, and Baseball. Shoot the game-winning basket, throw for the touchdown, or get the strikeout! This game station is sure to make a great gift for any young sports fan or family!

The creator of the basketball arcade machine made it so that the set-up only has one hoop. Both teams would take turns to throw the balls in. Often, if an arcade is empty, and if the machines are modern enough to sync into two-player mode, each player can then play on one basketball arcade machine without having to take turns.

Another feature of the basketball arcade machine is the presence of a netted mesh or a layer which adds another layer of difficulty to the game. It also serves to hold the balls once each round is over. When a round is over, a section from the board in the bottom will rise up and meet the net area to prevent the balls from rolling down to the platform area available for players to pick the basketballs up for shooting. This important safety feature ensures retention of the basketballs for future rounds. 041b061a72


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