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We used the Canvas LMS to present the course material to students. For this unit of the course, we organized it as a module in Canvas. We made extensive use of pages within Canvas to organize the content. We had a module overview page with a table of the topics and dates and the list of learning objectives for the unit. Similarly, each week had a similar, but more detailed page that listed tasks for the week with dates and times. It also included the materials and resources required that were external (e.g., chapter reading or tutorials). The weekly videos were also embedded directly into the pages for each week to organize the content for the students. Finally, the corresponding PDF of the slides from each video were provided for download. Within the module, lab assignments, corresponding keys, the quiz, and the capstone were also linked for easy student access. We found this centralized organization of course material helpful to keep students on track and well aware of what they needed to do each week. We also set up the module to require the labs to be done before completing the quiz, and for students to earn 80% or higher on the quiz to be able to view the capstone. This organization also forced students to work through the material in a specific order and ensure proficiency before attempting the final assessment.

We found 3698 resources for you..



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