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Tower Of Evil YIFY _HOT_

This extremely well produced picture begins with a foreword : No age is without its ruthless men -who , in their search for power , leave dark stains upon the pages of history . During the Middle Ages -to seize the tower of London was to seize the throne of England . In 1471 this has been done by Edward IV (Ian Hunter)- who has violently deposed the feeble Henry IV (Miles Mander) and holds him prisoner . Within the deep shadows of the Tower walls lives the population of a small city , some in prison cells and torture chambers , some in palaces and spacious lodgings , but none in peace . A web of intrigue veils the lives of all who know only too well that today's friends might be tomorrow's enemies . As this excellent film tells the story of power-hungry Richard III Crookback (an incisive Basil Rathbone who features an acclaimed acting) , 6th in throne succession , subsequent and eventually crowned king , the English monarch who brutally executed the people who attempted to get in way to the throne . Richard eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England. Richard , Duke of Gloucester , is a dominant , unstoppable , mean lord , gross black spider of a figure that devours or possesses everything on its path . After the death of Edward he becomes Richard III, King of England, and he needs only defeat the exiled Henry Tudor to retain power . Deformed and ruthless English king Richard battles Prince of Wales' army , as the opposing forces converge in Gloucester-shire and the Prince prays for victory at the Priory of Hereford . This melodrama is based on historical events , during Two Roses War , Red Rose (York) ruled by Edward IV and Richard III followers and White Rose (Lancaster) Henry VII followers who vanquish them . There finally takes place battle of Bosworth , in which Richard III is defeated and takes over the kingdom , a new ruler named Henry VII Tudor.Dazzling , hypnotic entertainment that was deemed extremely graphic for its time and some of the torture scenes had to be cut before it was released . More interested as historical drama than as a terror film , the picture profits from a magnificent cast who gives over-the-top interpretations . Well produced and atmospheric picture , being stunningly directed by Rowland V .Lee , which gives Boris Karloff one of his best characters as the shaven-headed executioner who looks like a forerunner of ulterior roles . Gorgeously polished visuals are perfect foil for the slimy , evil goings-on . The battle scenes were an ordeal to shoot, elevated degree heat caused extras to suffer a lot during the troublesome filming . Additional battles enhanced production costs and nearly 90,000 dollars over budget . Tremendous black and white cinematography by George Robinson and stunning dramatic impact in one of the most successful Universal films ever made . Good musical score , though studio heads were alarmed that the score contained nothing but period music and ordered a new score be written ; however, Frank Skinner cobbling together pieces from his soundtrack from The son of Frankenstein , only pieces of the original music survived the final cut.Other films dealing with this historical role are the following ones : Tower of London(1962) by Roger Corman with Vincent Price as Richard III , Michael Pate , Sandra Knight ; it results to be a sophisticated remake and Price plays a role taken over in the 1939 rendition who coincidentally appeared as the doomed Duke of Clarence ; the classic Richard III (1955) starred and directed by Laurence Olivier with Ralph Richardson , John Gielgud , Cedric Hardwicke , this is the landmark version of the Shakespearean play . And modern take Richard III (1995) by Richard Loncraine with Ian Mckellen , Jim Broadbent , Robert Downey Jr and Nigel Hawthorne , being set in an imagined 1930s London of swanky Art Deco .

Tower of Evil YIFY

From the confines of the gloomy TOWER OF London, Richard, the treacherous Duke of Gloucester, murders his way to the throne of England.This lively & enjoyable pseudo-historical drama presents some surprisingly good performances which do much to elevate the film and make it quite enjoyable.Basil Rathbone is excellent as Richard, leering & smirking, dangerous as a poisonous serpent, he takes what could be a rather hammy part and gives it a certain malevolent stature. Here was a villain able to charm, coddle or kill his own brothers with equal skill. Rathbone makes him quite believable. (Oddly, while carrying Richard's humpback, Rathbone ignores the King's withered left arm.)Although this is not a horror film, Boris Karloff's Mord the Executioner is a very horrific character. Bald headed & club-footed, he stalks about the Tower carrying out Richard's foul orders. Karloff makes an indelible mark in his very first scene, inflicting more torments on the denizens of the torture chamber. With such a striking performance, as well as his status as one of Universal's most celebrated actors, it is strange that Karloff doesn't receive equal billing with Rathbone here.Vincent Price does very well in the role of the nervous, jealous, doomed Duke of Clarence, holding up nicely to the over-the-top performances of Rathbone & Karloff. (It is fascinating to see this early teaming of the three frightmeisters; the next time they would all appear in the same film would be in 1963's THE COMEDY OF TERRORS.)Special mention should be made of Ian Hunter as Edward IV. While acquiescing to all of Rathbone's bloody schemes, Hunter nonetheless injects an element of sardonic humor into the role, making it very entertaining.Barbara O'Neil as stately Queen Elizabeth, Nan Grey as spunky Lady Alice & Rose Hobart as lovely Anne Neville each do good work in roles which demand little from any of the actresses.The supporting cast is sprinkled with familiar faces - Leo G. Carroll, Miles Mander, Lionel Belmore, Ernest Cossart - each excellent in small roles. Far down the cast list is Ralph Forbes as Henry Tudor. This splendid actor was on the very cusp of becoming a major star at the end of the silent era; although gifted with a fine speaking voice, he was never able to achieve his full potential in talking films.Movie mavens will recognize uncredited appearances by both Robert Greig as a friendly priest & Nigel de Brulier as the archbishop who marries little Edward V.Universal gives the film a fine gloss, with good atmospherics. The exterior London scenes look impressive on the screen.The film presupposes a certain amount of intelligent knowledge to already be in the hands of the audience. Indeed, a working acquaintance with the facts surrounding the Wars of the Roses & the English Line of Succession could only be of help to the viewer in unraveling the intricate plot.TOWER OF London should be enjoyed as entertainment, not accepted as historical fact. Modern research is slowly overturning many of the old beliefs concerning Richard of Gloucester. As a result, he is emerging as a far less bloody individual and one who may have been pilloried for centuries by an unfriendly press. Shakespeare, it should be remembered, was writing for the Tudors - who may have had their own dark ancestral deeds to hide. Indeed, there is much creditable speculation that it was actually Henry Tudor who had the young Tower Princes murdered.

This incredibly funny film, considered almost lost, was furnished with a wonderful new score by Fay Lovsky in April 2005 and shown once in the Filmmuseum in Amsterdamlocation of the sole remaining copy. Despite being virtually unknown, tickets sold-out that night.Le Mystère de la Tour Eiffel deserves a world tour. Even better: a Duvivier retrospective (Sounds by Lovsky!). The action is truly of a rare-seen kind.Considering the equipment that had to be carried in those days, it is quite a marvel how advanced this thing is shot. Any available story is rendered inferior to the slapstick-packed action which includes a downhill chase by plane, vertical fighting in the iron skeleton of the Eiffel towerapparently without safety gear involved, combined with brilliant characterslater eagerly copied; e.g. George Remi, author the Tintin books.Achillis Saturnin, making a meagre living as one half of the "Siamese twins", a ridiculous circus act, inherits a dazzling sum of 159 million francs, only to have his double steal it behind his back. The impostor installs himself in the mansion of the deceased, adjusting smoothly to an overdone servant-keeping-class kind of lifestyle.But more rivals lie in wait; a spooky sect under the name of Ku-Klux-Eiffel, known for jamming French broadcasts with coded messages transmitted from the Eiffel tower, comically terrorize the impostor down to his nightmares. Driven to panic, the man goes into hiding in Paris, where he discovers that Achillis, Silvanie and her younger brother, have lost their job at the circus and are dependent on alms.Afraid to return to the mansion himself, he sends Achillis to fill in his place in promise of 500.000 francs. Achillis agrees. While living it up, throwing parties and such, he is kidnapped by the Knights of Ku-Klux-Eiffel who take him to their castle high up the mountains. Taking it for a prank at first, Achillis only manages to escape at the very last moment. Along the way he gets hold of the key to the Ku-Klux-Eiffel code and one of their receiving devices. Able, thus, to intercept their messages he gains in to exposing the entire sect.It takes another kidnap and escape through a labyrinth, the unmasking of a human chameleon, getting passed the mysterious Li-Ho-Ha (a creepy, apparently Chinese-or so adviser of the sect's leader), and the notorious Eiffel-tower-climb to bring this marvelous film to a happy end. 041b061a72


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