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Angel Stewart
Angel Stewart

Far Cry 3

Hi guys, I'm sort of a noob with all this. I'm trying to install Far Cry 3 (retail PC-DVD version) on my machine using PlayOnLinux, and I'm able to execute the setup.exe file, but always hit a road block with the "missing" DATA10.CAB file. And thus the install always fails. How do I fix this?I'm currently using Xubuntu 14.04, and the PlayOnLinux version is 4.2.2 . I've noticed that just before the install asks for the next disc (which is supposed to contain the missing file), this happens right after it installs the Italian language file - which is equally perplexing since I don't read/write/speak Italian. And the next Disc 2 only has PDF files on it. I have successfully installed and played this game on a Win 7 os - before I upgraded to Linux - so I know the retail discs work. I no longer have Win 7. I'm wondering if the missing file is left out on purpose so as to force the owner to download it from Uplay as a form of anti-piracy. Or should I just get rid of that retail version and download a hacked "blackbox" version?

far cry 3

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