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Now United - Na Na Na (Official Music Video)

During the Philippines tour, Now United shot and released "Afraid of Letting Go" on 17 March. On 28 April, "Sundin Ang Puso", which was also shot in the Philippines was released. The group also participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi. On 7 June, "Paraná", was released. By mid-2019, it was announced that two new members would be added to Now United. The selection took place through social media and fan voting. On 25 July, Now United released "Sunday Morning". On 11 August, "Crazy Stupid Silly Love" was released. The month after, "Like That" was released on 8 September. On 20 September, "You Give Me Something" was released. The song is a bilingual cover of the song by James Morrison and is performed in English and Portuguese by members Lamar Morris and Any Gabrielly. In October, it was officially announced that the search for a new member from the Middle East or North Africa had commenced.[4] They also shot their music video called "Legends" while on tour, which was released on 14 November. During November 2019, the group embarked on their "Dreams Come True Tour" in Brazil.[5] On 15 December, "Na Na Na", which has main vocals from Sabina, which was filmed at the Municipal Theatre in Rio de Janeiro was released. "Let Me Be the One" was released on the 28th.

Now United - Na Na Na (Official Music Video)

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On August 8, "Nobody Fools Me Twice" was released, in the Korean language. On August 18, "Feel It Now" was released. On September 2, the Spanish version of the single "Na Na Na" was released as "Na Na Na - Spanish Version". On September 5, Diarra Sylla announced her departure from the group during an interview with The Hollywood Fix. On September 14, members Heyoon and Josh announced on YouTube that the search for the 16th member would officially begin The single/music video for "The Weekend's Here" was filmed in Dubai with Sofya, Savannah, Sina, and Heyoon. On September 21, Simon Fuller, the group's manager, announced the 16th member, Nour Ardakani from Lebanon.[9] On the 30th, the last single of the month was released, called "Somebody" with the first line from Sina Deinert.

On October 7, "Chained Up" was released, which had been in the works for some time, same as "Live This Moment", the song/music video features the group's boys, but with the addition of Heyoon. On October 10, the single "Paradise" debuted, but this music was only later released as a music video. The music video/single "Habibi" was released on October 19, it was the first music video featuring Nour Ardakani, who served as the center.[10] On November 7, another single, "One Love", was released. "Pas Le Choix (Manal Mix)" was the group's new single for the first time. On December 10, this single was officially released, featuring the girls of the group. This marked the debut of Joalin and Hina in singing, Diarra's return due to a contract still valid from the time she was in the group, and Melanie Thomas' first music video appearance. On December 30, the last single of the year, "Hewale", starring former-member Diarra, and Mélanie, was released.

The first clip, released in March for the single "Paradise" and is called "Paradise - Official Memories Video," debuted on March 9. Later on March 16 the music video for "Turn It Up" was released, as a part of a partnership with KitKat.[11]

On April 10, the single "Fiesta" was released, which was filmed in Mexico, in the hotel garden of Cancun where the members were stranded. Then "Baila" was released. When they finished filming in San Luis Obispo, they left the farm on April 5 to shoot. A few days later, on April 9, the boys traveled from Los Angeles to Malibu. After a few days of filming, they traveled to Hawaii on April 13, where they shot a few music videos. On April 25, it was revealed that the 18th member is Spanish. On April 28, the identity of the new member was disclosed, 15 year-old Mallorca native Alex Mandon Rey.[12]

"Let the Music Move You", which was filmed in Hawaii was released on May 1. The next release was on May 8, when the music video for the single "Show You How To Love" was released in Malibu, the single had been previously released solely as audio. Over-the-record lyric videos were released the same month, with "Baila" released on May 15, "Stand Together" on May 17, and "Come Together" on May 26. As a part of a Partnership with Forever 21, they released "Nobody Like Us", which was filmed in Hawaii.

On June 1, the group announced that it would hold an online concert, the "Now Love Live Show". The music video released of their "NU Party" was released on the 18th, this featured member Lamar who was on Hiatus. On June 28, the group announced that it would host its first virtual camp, known as "Camp Now United 2021". The "Now Love Live Show" was filmed at Louvre Abu Dhabi and streamed exclusively through YouTube Premium on July 1, the online concert marked the group's first major concert since 2019 and the debut concert for Nour, Savannah, Melanie and Alex.[13]

"Camp Now United 2021" began filming on July 5, 2021, in Brazil.[14] The music video of "Wave Your Flag" was officially released on the 14th. Filmed at Louvre Abu Dhabi, it marked the debut of Alex Mandon Rey. On July 15, the launch of the Camp Now United competition was announced, with 12 winners being selected for a trip to Abu Dhabi. Now United's music appeared at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with several songs being played at competitions. A lyrics video for "Wave Your Flag" was released on the 30th.

It was announced on September 6, that the group would be traveling to Abu Dhabi for their Bootcamp. On September 10, all three of the "Love, Love, Love" songs ("When You Love Somebody", "Dance Like That" and "Momento") were released on all music platforms. "Ikou" Music video, which was filmed in Mexico, was released on the 11th. Following their Bootcamp, it was revealed that they would be traveling to Portugal. The official Music video for "Dance Like That" was released on the 16th. It was announced on the 27th, that the group would be partnering with SheinX Rock the Runway online fashion show.

On October 3, the group performed "Wave Your Flag" at the 25th Globos de Ouro awards ceremony. A new edition of "Come together" was released on the 4th, alongside the 12 camp winners. The Bootcampers released their first song, "Good Days" on the 7th. The group released two more music videos, "I Got You" and "Anything for You" were released on the 22nd. Another song, "Future Me" which was filmed in Abu Dhabi was released on the 30th.[16] "I Got You" and "Anything For You" was released across all streaming platforms on November 11. It was announced that the group would be returning to Brazil. Any Gabrielly leaked information during an interview that the group would be touring in 2022. "Future Me" was released across streaming platforms on the 18th. It was officially announced on November 21, that the group would be embarking on their "Wave Your Flag World Tour" with dates announced in Brazil and Portugal, members reassured fans that future dates would be later announced.

Information surrounding the filming of the "Jump" music video was leaked on December 5. The group performed "All Day", "Future Me" and "Wave Your Flag" on an aired broadcast of Domingao com Huck on the 12th. Due to high demand, 3 new dates were announced on December 17 in Brazil. The official music video for "Badna Nehlam" was released on the 22nd. The group announced on December 29, that they will release an upcoming song featuring Alta B. On December 30, their single "Jump" was released, featuring Alta B and R3HAB as producers, the music video was made in partnership with Verizon. Jump reached a milestone of 50 million views in the span of 3 weeks.

"Heartbreak On The Dance Floor" was officially released on March 4.[18] On March 11, the group launched the Wave Your Flag Tour at Porto Alegre, Brazil with two shows. The group performed their new single "All Night Long" with Melanie serving as the main vocals. The group also performed "Jump", "Golden", "Heartbreak On The Dance Floor" and "Future Me" for the first time. The tour also shows the music video for "It's Your Birthday" before they released it on YouTube on Shivani's birthday. On March 13 the group flew to Curitiba, Brazil to perform their tour for two days. On March 16, the group flew to Any's hometown, São Paulo, Brazil to perform their tour for three days. On March 17, the group released the lyric video for "Dana Dana" to celebrate Holi, the video was shot during their 2020 Bootcamp before the pandemic. On March 27, the group performed in Recife,[19] the group's last performance in Brazil as part of the tour. On March 28, the group left Brazil and traveled to Portugal to begin preparations for the tour's performances there.

On April 1, the group performed its first concert in Portugal in Lisbon, this marked the first time the group performed with 15 members with the addition of Joalin. On April 3, the group performed on the talent show Got Talent Portugal. After the concerts in Lisbon and Porto in Portugal, Melanie and Bailey traveled to the Ivory Coast to shoot a secret music video there, while the others traveled back home for a break, and some members traveled to the United States and Brazil for some reasons.

After a break, the group released a music video for the single "Heartbreak On The Dancefloor" on May 20, which was released by Vevo. On June 14, it was announced that the group will start shooting a new musical.[20] In June, the group released dance videos with members of The Future X, choreographed by Nicky Andersen. Pre-production of the already confirmed musical began and members of the LA began rehearsals. The group confirmed that the musical will begin filming in the UK in August. Zane Carter was a member of boot campers introduced last year.

On July 6, VEVO, a post on its Instagram page summing up the Top 10 music video of the year, reached number 6 on this list with the group's single "Jump". On July 27, the group's logo changed across all their social media platforms, resulting in TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter as well. On August 5, 2022, Sabina announced she had given birth to a healthy baby boy named Enzo, who was born on August 4. She departed from Now United to take care of her son and all the maternity things.[21] On August 8, they announced that their newest single "Like Me" would soon debut, the song was remixed by Eric Kupper. On August 10, the single "Like Me" was released on the PRO MOTION website in a 5-minute version and a radio edit which is 3 minutes long. PRO MOTION also served as a producer on the single and music video. On August 16, a dance video version of the group's newest single "Like Me" was released on their YouTube channel. On August 17, filming/work began for the upcoming musical. On August 19, the official music video for the single "Like Me" was released. The music video does not feature the version remixed by Eric Kupper. 041b061a72


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