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Fallout New Vegas Cowboy Hat Mod

Fallout: New Vegas headwearCowboy hat Old cowboy hat DT1Item HP15Effects+1 PerceptionWeight1Value8RepairCowboy hats, Pre-War hatHeadgear Editor IDCowboyHat01 (desperado)CowboyHat02 (cattleman)CowboyHat03 (rawhide)CowboyHat04 (rattan)CowboyHat05 (old)Form ID000E2DD0 (desperado)001083E0 (cattleman)001083E1 (rawhide)0010A427 (rattan)0010A428 (old)

fallout new vegas cowboy hat mod

It's definitely not that great statistics wise but I still got through a lot of the game without any problems, and it's the closest thing to a cowboy available imo. One of my problems with fallout 4 is that their isn't a lot of outfits and the ones that are in the game don't have a lot of variety to them, it kind of takes away from our role playing experience, it seems strange that I wear a fedora for my cowboy build, but the worn fedora surprising looks a lot like a cowboy hat and goes well with Kellogg's outfit! Weapons wise you should obviously avoid using highly advanced technology like energy weapons, night vision, recon sight, reflex sight, etc. the weapons that I have consist of

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