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[S2E1] They Said That To Me At A Dinner.

The capture of the tattooed man, Andras Juszt, changes things, however. She found him when she noticed fresh flowers placed at the grave of her son Alex. She watched the grave every day after that, and finally saw Juszt visit. After all these months, they have found him.

[S2E1] They said that to me at a dinner.

The Samaritans maintain that the Temple should be on Mount Gerizim, where they say Jacob dreamt of angels descending and ascending (Gen. 28:10-22), Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac (Gen. 22:1-19), and where the Tabernacle stood (Jere. 7:12). The Bible, however, records these events taking place on Mount Moriah, where the Temple stood in Jerusalem. The fact that the Samaritans worshipped on Mount Gerizim as the holiest place was one of the points of contention between the Samaritans and the Jews.

Most batshit crazy outfit:When I first saw Lorelai's boxer t-shirt (from the cover image) I thought it was ugly (obviously), but as soon as she turned around, omfg. Those jeans are maybe the most offensive article of clothing she's worn to date. Instead of pockets, they have criss-crossing seams that cover the entire ass and creep around to the front waistband. I don't even know how to describe them because as soon as they entered my field of vision, my brain shut down to protect me from having a stroke. From the front, this hideousness isn't noticeable because Lorelai's fugly nylon purse covers almost everything. Remember Mudd jeans? I'm pretty sure these are them.

In Season 1, he freaks out when Rory doesn't say "I love you" immediately and jumps to conclusions whenever he sees her with Tristan. In Season 2, he has meltdowns about what will happen to their relationship when she goes to college and of course, (we're almost there, people!) Jess. At the beginning of Season 1, Dean sort of had a personality. He got Rory's "Rosemary's Baby" reference, remember? But then the writers forgot to continue developing it. Or they knew Jess was coming and had to make Dean less desirable in order to win fans for #TeamJess. Either way, I agree with Richard that they aren't a good match, but I disagree with both his reasoning and his delivery of the message.

Luke's tactic actually works fairly well and had Max not jumped to conclusions when Lorelai called him for clarification, I don't think she would have said yes. It's important to note that we don't actually hear her say yes. We hear Max prompt her and we see her subsequent celebration with Rory, but the conversation is cut off before there's any finality:

Most of the sketches revolve around someone making an embarrassing mistake in a social or professional setting, then refusing to admit to it and instead stubbornly attempting to convince everyone that they are right and the people around them are wrong.[1] The series leans heavily on cringe comedy,[2][3] with elements of surreal humor.[4] It also incorporates toilet humor, though this often serves to be subverted in unexpected ways.[5]

If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic worlds set in a dystopian reality, you've likely already heard of HBO's latest hyped-up show, 'The Last of Us'. First released in 2013, The Last of Us narrative-based game franchise has gained popularity amongst gamers worldwide. The gameplay focuses on a teenage protagonist Ellie on her quest to find a resistance group- 'The Fireflies' during a time when a percentage of the human population is affected by a parasitic infection. Another central part of the game is the development of the father-daughter-like relationship between Ellie and her counterpart Joel. Joel is tasked with smuggling Ellie across the United States despite the deathly threats they face from the infected. The gritty and well-thought narrative of the game brings a human touch to the harsh realities of a mass post-apocalyptic pandemic. It's no wonder gamers have been excitedly awaiting the development of the beloved franchise into a television series! But is the TV series matching up to the standards that lovers of the game expect?

John de Lancie: I've always taken the position that you cannot run your life hoping that you're going to be invited to somebody's dinner party. And so, after Next Generation, they did the movies, and I just began going, "it's their dinner party. If they give me a call, that's great. And if they don't, that's the end of it."

But I was delighted when they did call. And I went in to meet with Terry [Matalas, executive producer], at Paramount, and he said "you just knew that we were going to call you didn't you?" And I said "no, no, it's been a long time."

It helps that they are good scenes, played with good actors. The intentions are always very clear, and so it was fun to play it. It's a little bit like going out on the tennis court and deciding to play a really good game with an opponent that also plays a really good game.

JdL: Well, I sat down and I said, "listen, the first thing I want to know is you're not going to be putting me in those tight again, are you? Because if that's the case, the deal's off!" They said "No, no, no, no, we're going for a different feel." I looked pretty much as I do now [with grey hair and a beard.] And they said "as a matter of fact, we even want the beard, we want a sense of maturity. Time has passed, and there is something that is up on your side." And I said, "so it's not like mariachi band time?" And they said, "No."

JdL: What was great about this team was that they were open to suggestions, but I don't know whether they used the line or not as I haven't seen [the episode]. In the script, when I say to Picard, "Oh, dear, you're a lot older than I imagined," we talked about me not being on camera so that then I could say let me fix that. And then when they come on me, I am this age. So that I have actually done what I need to do off camera to be at the same age as he is.

But that's part of the appeal of this show, isn't it? Eliza's cases are generally...fine, particularly in how they illuminate the uncomfortable sexism and misogyny that was so pervasive in a time of such supposed progress and enlightenment. And most of them tend to focus specifically on female characters and problems, telling stories beyond simply having a woman appear as a dead body as so many other mystery series do.

However, as great as all that is, let's not kid ourselves. We're here for the relationship between Eliza and her Duke, and this premiere is full of even more emotional highs and lows than usual on that score. The pair admit they have feelings for one another! (Sort of.) They decide they can't act on them. (Again!) And both are (obviously) tortured by walking away from the nebulously defined future together they both so clearly want. How are our hearts supposed to take this for another season?

George and Cristina walk in. Joe says, "All hail the champ!" referring to George giving Alex what was coming to him. The rest of the bar-goers cheer. Despite everyone else's excitement, George doesn't want to talk about it. He orders a beer. Meredith wants to play the 'whose life sucks the most' game. Both Meredith and Cristina keep insisting to each other they would win. Meredith goes first and tells them that Derek is married. George spits out the beer he was drinking and it's also coming out of his nose. He leaves to clean himself off. Meredith thinks she won. Cristina says, "No, you didn't win...I'm pregnant. I win." Joe collapses just behind Cristina and Meredith and Cristina says, "Okay maybe Joe wins." They go to him and try to revive him.

Joe wakes up and Cristina and Meredith try to get him to lie back down. They insist on taking him to the hospital. He doesn't want to go. As they are checking Joe out, Meredith says to Cristina, "You're sleeping with someone?" Cristina says, "Why is that such a shock even George managed to get some action." To which George says, "Correction. George got some syphilis." Meredith seems upset that Cristina didn't tell her she was sleeping with someone. Joe thinks he can walk across the street to SGH himself. They help him there.

George is taking care of Joe's paperwork. Meredith and Cristina are continuing the pregnancy conversation. Meredith asks her what she's going to do. Cristina pauses and Meredith realizes what she means, an abortion. Cristina says, "You know what happens with pregnant interns. I'm not switching to the vagina squad or spending my life popping zits. I'm too talented. Surgery is my life." Meredith asks who she is sleeping with again. Cristina doesn't want to talk about it, "just a guy". Meredith is sad she won't open up to her more. Cristina walks to George, Meredith follows. Izzie is there now and asks what they're doing there, if Meredith has a date with McDreamy. George says that he is McMarried. Izzie is shocked. Meredith says she's checking on Joe. They wonder if he is going to be all right and if he needs an operation. Derek comes and says he'll need an operation and it's hard to tell if he's going to be okay. Joe has a basilar artery that has blown up like a balloon, subarachnoid bleeding, and an aneurysm the size of a golf ball. Meredith looks like Derek is the last person she wants to see. The rest of the interns wonder how they would be able to fix something like that. Derek offers a stand-still operation. Cristina is amazed at that and Izzie gives her a look. He wants additional patient history and various labs. He tries to hand the chart to Meredith as a goodwill gesture. She refuses and says, "I'm drunk." George takes the chart from him. Meredith leaves and Derek goes to follow her. Izzie, Cristina, and George try to give him a hard time about it - getting in his way and calling him names. Cristina takes the chart from George. Izzie and George wonder what she's doing. Cristina says, "I am on her side but we're talking a possible stand-still here. Recognize."

Addison and Richard are laughing with one another as Derek walks in. He looks upset that they are there together. He doesn't say anything and looks out of the blinds. Addison takes the hint and tells Richard she'll be back in the morning. Derek asks what Addison's doing here. Richard says that she's the best in her field, that bringing her to Seattle was a business decision and not personal. Derek sarcastically says, "Oh, well, what a relief! It's not personal." Richard is upset and says the workings of his surgical floor do not involve Derek's personal life. He goes on to say that while he is out, Burke will act as chief. Derek is angry at this news. Richard asks how long Derek has been sleeping with an intern. Derek says, "So I guess part of being chief IS personal." Richard tells him to go. 041b061a72


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