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[S1E4] There's No Disgrace Like Home

Everyone at the picnic gathers as Mr. Burns gives a toast. He thanks everyone for coming, but tells them all to leave immediately because the hounds will be released in 10 minutes. Everyone heads out, and Homer notices the family ahead of them; the son gives the father a kiss and tells him he had a great time. Mr. Burns witnesses this, and Homer overhears Burns tell Smithers to give that man a raise. Homer quickly turns around, and tells Bart to give him a kiss; Bart reluctantly agrees, Homer puts on a cheesy smile, but Burns is not amused. Outside in the parking lot, Homer confronts the father from the "perfect" family ahead of him, and tells him he can stop the fake cornball routine. But the father doesn't understand what Homer's talking about. Homer watches as the two kids from the "perfect" family politely open the car door for each other, and he notices the wife offers to drive the family home after a long day. Homer turns to his family and sees Bart and Lisa fighting over the backseat and Marge in the front seat, looking like she's about to vomit. As the "perfect" family drives off, Homer envisions the clouds opening up and a beam of sunlight coming down upon them as they float up to the Heavens. When Homer turns back to his family, he envisions them as devilish creatures trying to pull him down to Hell. Homer, ashamed of his family, drives them home.

[S1E4] There's No Disgrace Like Home

The next day, Marge and the kids eat TV dinners in the living room and all watch television when Homer walks in and decides tonight, they are all going to eat at the dinner table like a normal family. Cut to everyone seated at the dinner table, Lisa asks if he's happy now and, when Homer says yes, everyone begins piling food into their mouths. Homer yells at them to stop and tells Bart to offer a prayer first before everyone eats. Bart's half attempt at a prayer forces Homer to lead a prayer of his own. During his prayer, he expresses his dissatisfaction with the way his family behaves. When Marge and the kids tell Homer they think nothing's wrong with the family, Homer decides to prove to them there's something wrong. He leads the family in a tour around the neighborhood, peeking into random houses to observe their neighbors. The first house they peek into contains a happy family sitting down to a nice fancy dinner. Bart suggests this family's the exception to the rule, and Homer shows his family another house. Inside the next house, the two parents have a nice conversation with their son. But the father hears the Simpsons just outside his window and chases them off with a shotgun. The Simpsons run off into another family's yard, walk up to the window, and peek in. Only after Bart comments about what a dump the place is and after Homer tramples the flowerbed, do they realize it's actually their house. Everyone goes back inside except a bummed Homer, who announces he's going to Moe's for a while. 041b061a72


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