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The Miracle of the Andes: How Alive by Piers Paul Read Revealed the Secrets of the Survivors (Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2 Download Available)

# Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2 ## Introduction - Introduce the book Alive by Piers Paul Read, published in 1974, based on the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team that crashed in the Andes in 1972 and survived for 72 days by eating their dead companions. - Explain why this book is a classic in the literature of survival and a testament to the power of faith and friendship. - Provide a brief overview of the main events and characters in the book. ## The Flight and the Crash - Describe the background of the flight: the rugby team from Stella Maris College, their friends and family, their destination (Chile), their plane (a Fairchild F-227), their departure date (October 12, 1972). - Narrate the flight and the crash: the bad weather, the turbulence, the pilot's error, the collision with the mountain, the loss of the tail and wings, the impact, the casualties (12 dead, 33 alive). ## The Struggle for Survival - Explain the challenges faced by the survivors: the cold, the altitude, the injuries, the lack of food and water, the isolation, the despair. - Describe how they organized themselves: their leaders (Parrado and Canessa), their roles (cooking, rationing, medical care, etc.), their decisions (staying in the plane, making a radio, eating human flesh, etc.). - Highlight some of the key moments: the avalanche that killed eight more people, the discovery of a transistor radio that announced their abandonment, the first expedition to find help (failed), the second expedition (successful). ## The Rescue and the Aftermath - Summarize how Parrado and Canessa reached civilization after 10 days of walking: their encounter with a Chilean peasant, their contact with a carabinero, their communication with Santiago. - Relate how the remaining 14 survivors were rescued by helicopters on December 22 and 23, 1972: their reactions, their emotions, their gratitude. - Mention how they faced the media attention and public opinion: their honesty about cannibalism, their justification based on Catholic doctrine, their acceptance by society. - Briefly mention how they resumed their lives: their careers, their families, their achievements. ## Conclusion - Restate the main points of the article: Alive is a remarkable book that tells a true story of survival against all odds. - Emphasize the themes and messages of the book: courage, solidarity, faith, hope, love. - Recommend the book to readers who are interested in learning more about this extraordinary event and its protagonists. - Provide information on how to download epub mobi pdf fb2 formats of the book. ## FAQs - Q: How many people were on board the plane when it crashed? - A: There were 45 people on board: 19 members of a rugby team from Stella Maris College in Montevideo, Uruguay; 15 friends and family members; five crew members; and six other passengers. - Q: How many people survived the crash and how many died? - A: Of the 45 people on board, only 16 survived. Twelve died in the crash or shortly after; eight died in an avalanche that buried part of the fuselage; three died from injuries or illness; six died while trying to find help. - Q: How did they survive for 72 days without food or water? - A: They survived by eating small portions of chocolate bars and wine that they found in the wreckage. They also melted snow for water. After exhausting these supplies, they resorted to eating human flesh from their dead companions. They justified this act as a form of communion and a way of honoring their friends. - Q: How did they get rescued? - A: Two of them, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, decided to walk across the mountains to find help. They left on December 12 with minimal equipment and food. They reached a green valley on December 20 and met a Chilean peasant who gave them bread and cheese. They then contacted a carabinero who alerted Santiago. The next day, Parrado flew on a helicopter to locate his friends. On December 22 and 23, all 14 survivors were airlifted to safety. - Q: What happened to them after the rescue? - A: They faced a lot of media attention and public scrutiny. They were honest about their cannibalism and received support from the Catholic Church and their families. They resumed their lives and careers, some of them becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, etc. They remained close friends and reunited several times to commemorate their ordeal.

Alive The Story Of The Andes Survivors Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2

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