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Healthiest Frozen Meals To Buy

Protein and fiber work together to help you feel fuller longer, so make sure your meal has both, all of our experts said. Try to choose healthy frozen meals at the grocery store that offer at least 15 to 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per serving. Products that contain fiber- and protein-rich ingredients, like black beans and lentils, are a great place to start.

healthiest frozen meals to buy

A lot of frozen meals tend to go heavy on the salt, which can make it hard to keep your overall sodium intake in check. (The American Heart Association recommends most adults take in no more than 2,300 milligrams per day for a heart-healthy diet.) For heart-healthy choices, try to stick with relatively low-sodium frozen meals, meaning less than 600 mg sodium per serving, Jones says. (Although the exact number to aim for will depend on your individual health.)

To make it easier for you to pick a healthy frozen dinner, we scoured the supermarket shelves for the tastiest, most nutritionally-sound options. All of our picks fall between 200 and 500 calories, less than 15 grams of sugar, and serves up a fair share of protein and fiber. Not to mention, they're all made with quality ingredients and taste delicious, too. We've also called out some of the worst picks in the freezer aisle so you know which ones to avoid tossing into your grocery cart. Thanks to us, you won't have to waste time reading food labels in the coldest part of the grocery store.

Another easy low-carb frozen dinner option! This Birds Eye Fiesta Chicken Bowl is made with cauliflower rice and topped with chicken, black beans, corn, and poblano peppers. Only 210 calories in a bowl with 15 net carbs and 17 grams of protein.

Skip the fried chicken wings and snag these frozen Caulipower Spicy(ish) Chicken Tenders instead! While a serving is only 110 calories, you could enjoy the whole bag for only 490 calories! Cook them in the oven and you can add them to sandwiches, slice them to sprinkle on a big salad, or simply enjoy on their own with a delicious homemade dipping sauce.

Sweet and creamy coconut meets spicy in this frozen dinner that's ready in minutes but tastes like it was served in a local restaurant. It's rare to find a frozen dinner that's both low in sugar and sodium while being high in protein, and yet the Deep Indian Kitchen Chicken Curry & Turmeric Rice doesn't have to make any sacrifices for flavor.

Spiralized veggies in a frozen dinner? Yes, please! This Realgood Foods Creamy Carbonara slashes the carbs significantly when it's served on a bed of spiralized veggies. Enjoy a creamy carbonara with just 300 calories and 19 grams of protein! Just keep in mind the saturated fat does increase a bit because of the cream sauce in this meal, so keep that in mind the rest of the day.

Take advantage of the nutritional benefit of farro (i.e. lots of plant-based fiber!) by choosing the Healthy Choice Chicken Feta & Farro Power Bowl. This bowl also has chickpeas, vegetables, and a garlic oregano sauce, making this frozen dinner a tasty and satisfying weeknight meal option!

In response to declining sales, about a year ago, Nestle incorporated more "chef-inspired" dishes to the Lean Cuisine lineup. Their new Marketplace product line of frozen dinners include gluten- and preservative-free offerings, as well and many ethnic-inspired and protein-rich dishes. Honestly, some are nutritional hits and others aren't; but we found the Lean Cuisine Marketplace Chicken with Almonds offering to be pretty well rounded. It has 16 percent of your day's fiber and 25 percent of the day's protein. Its main downfalls, however, are that it's a bit light in the vitamins and calorie departments. To sneak in more nutrition, pair this meal with a spinach-based side salad or a cup of fresh fruit.

This organic heat-and-eat Amy's Brown Rice & Vegetables dish gets our vote because it's filled with a plethora of veggies including, broccoli, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, and celery. Keep one of these frozen dinners on hand so you're always prepared with a Meatless Monday dish if your week gets off to a hectic start.

While it's tough to beat a scratch-made meal, sometimes you need a quick supper solution that is ready in a matter of minutes and requires literally no prep. Enter: frozen dinners. A trip down the grocery store frozen aisle reveals a wide array of filling options that can be prepared quickly in your microwave or oven. Best of all, there is something for everyone. Whether you're feeding a family of four or simply need a solo meal, there is brand for you. If you crave something global or an American comfort food classic, you'll be covered. There are even meals that are targeted towards those on various diets, from keto and vegan, to low calorie and gluten free.

The calorie conscious may be tempted to gravitate towards Smart Ones, but don't let the numbers fool you. Most of the meals from this Kraft Heinz brand total less than 300 calories which is remarkably low for an entire meal. According to Medical News Today the average female needs about 2000 calories per day, and the average male needs about 2,500.

Hungry-Man frozen dinners are geared towards those looking for a particularly hearty meal. The brand focuses on large portions of fairly pedestrian products such as country fried steak, meatloaf, and fried chicken. Because they are larger meals that include side dishes, these may be the perfect solution to what you want when you choose a frozen meal. They are quick, easy, and filling. You can even opt for bowls that offer double the protein portion.

Evol Foods is a brand that takes pride in its ingredient sourcing which includes the use of antibiotic free meat and cage free eggs. it also avoids adding any artificial colors and flavors, according to its website. The brand offer a line of single serve meals including, breakfasts, burritos, pizzas, pastas, and bowls of varying cuisines, such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese. For those with various dietary concerns, they have product lines that are gluten-free and vegetarian as well.

Did anyone else grow up with parents who were mega fans of Healthy Choice? We always had these in our freezers growing up. Healthy Choice now carries a variety of frozen dinners, including Simply Steamers, Cafe Steamers, Power Bowls, Max Bowls, and Zero Bowls, all targeting different health preferences.

The Whole Foods store brand, 365 Organic, carries many products. Pretty much any item you would find in a grocery store, you can count on Whole Foods to create a 365 Organic version of it. This includes frozen dinners as well as many types of pizza and ravioli dinners.

Lean Cuisine is one of the most familiar frozen dinner brands out there. It produces a huge selection of frozen food products including pasta, bowls, pizza, and sandwiches. These meals are categorized on its website as low calorie (less than 400 per package), very low calorie (less than 300 calories), gluten-free, meatless, high protein, carb conscious. In other words, the target eaters are those that want a healthier frozen food product. If you are hungry for a decadent comfort food frozen entrée, these won't be for you. However, if you are looking for frozen meals that will help you stick to your calorie goals, Lean Cuisine is the best out there.

According to Walmart reviews for the 5 Cheese Ravioli, while there are a few complaints about a watery sauce, lack of cheese, and recent recipe changes, most people seem to really enjoy these products. While these meals might not wow your taste buds, they're fine if you want to avoid overindulging.

Frontera is known for its gourmet Mexican food, which covers a variety of products, including salsa, tortilla chips, cooking sauces, guacamole, grilling marinades, as well as frozen bowls and skillets. In terms of its frozen dinners, you can choose among vegetarian and meat-packed taco and fajita bowls.

According to Amazon reviews of the Frontera chicken fajita bowl, some people seem to love the nutrition facts and healthy ingredients in this bowl, while others seem to dislike the taste. Apparently, this bowl can turn out very watery once cooked. One reviewer even mentioned that the bowl was inedible. Yikes! While we love a health focused product that is aimed at flavor, we don't think these are the best options out there. Set your sights a little higher, because we know you can find a guaranteed slam dunk frozen dinner option on this list. Keep reading to see our top picks.

Caulipower is a brand that carries many gluten-free frozen dinner products, including pizza, chicken tenders, and pasta. True to its name, cauliflower is used instead of wheat as breading or crust in an effort to create gluten-free products.

Restaurant chain Marie Callender's also offers a line of frozen dinners. Within it frozen product line, you'll find plenty of options, including many with family-sized portions. Some of these products include lasagna, mac and cheese, chicken pot pies, pub pies, pasta bowls, pot roast, and Asian inspired rice bowls.

One of the products that appears to be the most well-loved is the chicken pot pie. Per the reviews on Walmart, there is a lot of love for Marie Callender's signature dish. Many people note that this is the ultimate comfort food and one of their favorite meals. Though it's exactly a healthy food option, one reviewer mentions that this meal is worth the extra calories. Considering this chicken pot pie is cooked from frozen, it's impressive that reviewers even mention that the crust has a nice texture. We love Marie Callender's for the most epic comfort meals.

Stouffer's is a household name, with frozen options that include lasagna, pizza, bowls, and other entrees. We grew up eating the brand's mac and cheese on busy school nights. The popular dish is available in many sizes from single serving to a large portion suited for a family. We also love that the brand created spinoffs of the classic mac and cheese through different flavor variations, including Taco Mac and Cheese, Cajun Mac and Cheese, Southwest Mac and Cheese, and even Cacciatore Mac and Cheese. 041b061a72


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