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Angel Stewart
Angel Stewart

We Buy Xbox 360

@Snake_V5 it'ss show us one sign, digital is useful but is meant to disapear a really sad reality started with playsttation and nintendo an now...sadly xbox do it what about game preservation? it's not a good news i still own my 360 a sad day indeed.

we buy xbox 360

I bought a xbox 360 slim from a guy. He showed that it worked, but I bought it withought the power supply. A power supply from a xbox one looks like the same. Will a xbox one power supply work on a xbox slim. They both have the 2 large pins for the plug and look the same, but I thought I would ask before i tried it.

My power adapter pooped out last month for my xbox one. Just found and used my old 203 watt xbox 360 power adapter. Opened case and resoldered the wires color for color. (TOOK LITERALLY 5 MIN.)amps are 16.5, 47-63hz. Exact same as the xbox one. Guess watt? No sparks!!!! Running a kinect and external hard drive. That extra 3 watts actually makes my xbox one run better. I have noticed a decrease in lag by a long shot on a lot of games. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but it is working faster than ever. No overheating. I have my cable tv thru my xbox so it is on for 16+ hours a day. I'm at 5 weeks and no problems. I also saved myself 50 bucks and recycled what would have been tossed at some point.

Aleight well my xbox one power brick blew out so i looked up how to use the xbox 360 slim powerbrick on xbox one all you have to do is cut out the little black part in between the two plugs and spread thme out jus a lil bit with a flathead screwdriver so it would fit inton the one and it worked anf my sytem hasnt been overheating and the brick doesnt over heat either it works great 041b061a72


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