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Justin Bieber Calls Out Religious Leaders Who Claim "Special" Connection to God


In an exclusive interview with GQ magazine, Justin Bieber details how faith in individuals in leadership positions and roles of power can quickly shift and morph into idolization and "celebrity" worship.

Many believe Bieber was aiming these proverbial shots at his former pastor from Hillsong Church, Carl Lentz although he did not specifically name names or point fingers.

Lentz, having baptized the star, was considered a close family friend to Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber before news of his scandalous affair broke out. Now the couple has denounced both the Hillsong Church and Lentz. The couple went as far as

In his interview Bieber goes on to say, "I think so many pastors put themselves on this pedestal, and it's basically, church can be surrounded around the man, the pastor, the guy, and it's like, 'This guy has this ultimate relationship with God that we all want but we can’t get because we’re not this guy.'"

This situation lends to the unanswered questions some ask themselves about those with positions of power both within religion and society. Just how "ideal" and sound are these relationships our leaders have with God? And are they walking by the same faith they preach onto others? One thing everyone can take away from this situation and this quote from Bieber is that we all maintain our own personal connection to God. There is no true way to cumulatively compare one's own faith to another, and no real reason to try and do so in the first place.As a community we must remember perfection is not real and no mere mortal man should be placed on a pedestal reserved for God himself. But let us know what your thoughts are! Comment below if you've experienced or seen the exalting of leadership that was unwarranted or not deserving. Written by Precious Onukwuli Sources: GQ Magazine

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